Creating Fields

The fun part of using PMPro – Form Builder is adding fields to your checkout page. This plugin is packed with a lot of form fields you can use to collect the right information from your clients. As a matter of fact, you can just drag and drop field and it will show up instantly on your membership checkout form page.

PMPro provides us with 7 positions to add a field. You will see “After Username”, ““, ““, ““, ““, “” and ““. Dragging a form field below any of these positions renders the field in the selected position on the checkout form.

Each of the form field has a lot of attributes to be filled by the form author. Some are unique to each field while others are shared across all of them. I will pick out all the common attributes here and explain what each of them do.

  • Required: Check this box if you want users to fill out that field before submitting. If it’s a radio field, you want users to select one of the options before submitting.
  • Label: This is the title of the form field that displays on the checkout page
  • Help Text: The description of the field. Usually shows below the form element
  • Class: The CSS class added to the form element
  • Name: The name of your form element. Never change the name of your form element after your website goes live.
  • Access: Control access to your form element based on your membership level. Make sure you have created membership level before coming here
  • CSV: Make your field exportable.