Theme Options

ListingWoo Theme Options

ListingWoo comes with it’s own theme options sub-page built into your existing ListingPro Theme Options page. The fields here are created so that you can take full advantage of WooComemrce integration.

Woo Product Types

This is a list of all product types supported by WooCommerce. If you are using any plugin that adds product types to WooCommerce you will definitely see the added product types here.

The selected options is what will be used to populate products throughout the entire website. For instance, if you want to allow only bookings, just select booking and only bookable products will be viewed on your website.

Auto Create Products

Sometimes, it is easy to create a product immediately a listing has been created. If this option is set to Yes, and a listing is created with the following name “Eko Hotel”, then a product titled “product – Eko Hotel” will be created  and integrated with the listing. If you select Yes, but product status is pending, your product will be created and integrated but will have a pending status.

Redirect Product to Listing

It is needed at times to block users from directly accessing your products since you have integrated them to work with Listings. You would prefer them to purchase from Listing pages. If you check this option, that will happen automatically if the product has been linked.

Booking Reservation Time

If you enable WooCommerce booking, when a user adds a product to cart, you will find out that such product remains in cart for 60 minutes. With this option, you can set the item to auto-delete after 5 minutes.

Show Admin All Listings

When a listing author accesses the author dashboard, s/he can only integrate lisitngs that he created and products that he published. This makes sense, right? But then, it applies to admins too. There are times, however, when as admin you want to use your veto to remove or update an integration. All you have to do is allow this option.